Welcome. This site is meant to provide support for those who want to do survey research on the perceptions of people, like faculty and students, in their own institutions on two related topics: 1)  Open CourseWare (OCW), Open Access (OA) publishing or Open Educational Resources (OER) in general; and, 2) Inclusive practices and methods for making online materials available to everyone, regardless of their visual, auditory or motor skills.  We are using an expanded sense of "open access" which emphasizes both openness in the lisensing and availability of educational materials and the acessibility of those materials to all.  We encourage this work as part of an effort to create or expand local OCW/OER contributions and inclusive practices among faculty and students, and the creation of an ongoing “community of inclusive contribution.”  

If you want to find out how people in your university or college feel about contributing and using OCW or other OER, or what they know about ways of making materials accessible to everyone, then you'll find, hopefully, everything you need to know here. We can show you how to develop a survey that is appropriate for your  goals and your community, how to get permissions to survey your community, how to develop a sample, how to administer an online survey and get people to respond, and how to gather and analyze the results and develop reports.  We can help with surveys in your college, university, high school, company, community, or really any group of people in any institution or community you're a part of.


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