Supporting Research That Supports OCW

This site is also meant to be a resource for those engaged in researching open courseware (OCW) in particular and open educational resources (OER) in general, as well as those wanting to use such research on OCW and OER to bring about OCW projects at their institutions. So we will gather and comment on as much of the relevant research as we find useful. The focus is on studies of OCW contributors and those who help them place their contributions on an OCW web site. It extends to investigations into strategies used to develop local OCW sites and efforts, OA publishing and its relation to OCW publishing, and the use of research like we've been describing to further these projects.

We will also be writing about different experiences that people have applying research on their faculty and students to the effort to create OCW and other forms of OER on their campuses.  We'll see what they find useful in the survey results, and various ways they have used those results, from focusing on particularly supportive segments of their faculty or student population, to encouraging their administration to support an OCW project.

This is a work very much in progress. So we will be adding things as we get time, and motivation.  Thanks.