IADIS2010-Open CourseWare (OCW) Contributions: Romanian and American Teaching Staff and Student Surveys

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Open CourseWare (OCW) Contributions: Recent Results from Romanian and American Teaching Staff and Student Surveys

Joseph Hardin, Severin Bumbaru, Andy Pușcă

Mujo Research, hardin@umich.edu
Danubius University of Galati, School of Economics, severin.bumbaru@univ-danubius.ro
Danubius University of Galati, School of Law, andypusca@univ-danubius.ro


Teaching staff and students at a Romanian university and an American university were recently surveyed about their familiarity with OCW sites and their interest in contributing course materials to a local institutional OCW site. In addition teaching staff and students were asked about their use of OCW materials and their willingness to encourage others to use and contribute to the local site. Uses of online ICT of various types were also surveyed. The results of the surveys, focusing on the OCW results, are compared and discussed. At both universities teaching staff and students, while currently having little experience with OCW materials, expressed considerable interest in participating in OCW initiatives, with the Romanian university showing higher interest in a number of categories. These investigations are part of an expanding international research effort of OCW contribution and use at institutions of higher education, research that has the dual goals of providing useful information to local OCW efforts and expanding the data and analysis of open scholarship activities available to web science.


Opencourseware, open courseware, OCW, open educational resources, OER, open access, open data, survey research, Sakai, Danubius Online, web science, open scholarship